What is a Sonographer?

A Sonographer is a specialised health care worker who performs diagnostic ultrasound examinations.

How can I become a Sonographer in Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan does not currently have an accredited education program for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. To pursue a career in Sonography you would be required to move out of province where an accredited educational program is located. Once you receive a diploma in DMS, complete the necessary exams and obtain your credentials, Saskatchewan has a variety of jobs available in urban and rural areas in a variety of specialized fields in both hospital and clinical settings. Please see the Link to Sonography Canada Job listings page for up to date information.

How can I become a member of SADMS?

We encourage Sonographers within our province and prospective Sonographers including students to join our association.

We require active members to be credentialed by Sonography Canada.

Please see our membership page for more information about joining our association.

How can I help to serve my sonography community?

We encourage all our members to play an active role in the association and in the Sonography community. We are always seeking help on our association committees and are happy to add a new member to our executive team every year. We also love to see members attend our annual conferences to help show support as well to network and gain CME credits.

Is 3D ultrasound the same as diagnostic 2D ultrasound?

Although 3D ultrasound and 2D diagnostic ultrasound use the same technology, they have very different purposes. Ultrasounds for entertainment purposes (ie 3D ultrasound for fun images or gender determination) are not advised for the reason to reduce to possible risks associated with exposure time to high frequency sounds waves. Although no studies have confirmed biological effects from ultrasound in humans SADMS in accordance with the SOGC and Sonography Canada guidelines endorse that ultrasound exposure should be kept to a minimum.

Performing an ultrasound is acceptable only when there is a referral from a licensed health care provider and the exam is performed by a registered Sonographer or licensed practitioner. Sonographers are trained to provide this type of exam and are bound by professional ethical guidelines to use the lowest amount of energy, for the least amount of time to keep exposure to a minimum. The Saskatchewan Association of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers supports the use of diagnostic ultrasound equipment by registered professionals for medically indicated studies only.

If you have any further questions, please contact your health care provider.

What is regulation and why is it important?

Regulation ensures professional standards are in place and followed by all people working in the field of Sonography. It ensures all professionals using the title of the profession to be registered and properly licenced. It provides a place for complaints to be directed and establishes an investigation process for disciplinary actions required against those not following the Code of Ethics or Scope of Practice.

Can I submit and pay for my membership and renewal online?

Yes, you can submit your application for membership or renewal by using the online form found on our membership page as well pay your membership fees through the online cart system.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

The SAMDS Executive would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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